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Book Description : The fast and easy way to learn how to manage people, projects, and teams Being a manager can be an intimidating and challenging task. Managing involves teaching new skills to employees, helping land a new customer, accomplishing an important assignment, increasing performance, and much more. The process of management can be very challenging at times, but it can also bring you a sense of fulfillment that you never imagined possible. Managing For Dummies, 3rd Edition is perfect for all levels of managers. This clearly written, easy-to-understand guide gives you practical advice on the most important aspects of managing, such as delegating as opposed to ordering, improving employees’ performances, getting your message across, understanding ethics and office policies, team building and collaboration, and much more. Tips and advice for new and experienced managers All-new chapters on employee encouragement and corporate social responsibility Guidance on managing employees by leveraging the power of the Internet Managing in today’s lightning-speed business world requires that you have the latest information and techniques for getting the job done. Managing For Dummies, 3rd Edition provides you with straightforward advice and up-to-the-minute strategies for dealing with anything that comes your way.

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The data in the bibliographic sources listed above for figuring out your book (NUC, OCLC, author & topic bibliographies, etc.) will give you data on what number of pages, and generally how many illustrations (sometimes recognized as plates” when they are on separate leaves from the text), your book ought to have. If any are lacking, your ebook is incomplete.

In woodblock printing , a aid picture of a whole web page was carved into blocks of wood, inked, and used to print copies of that page. This method originated in China, in the Han dynasty (before 220 AD), as a technique of printing on textiles and later paper , and was broadly used throughout East Asia The oldest dated ebook printed by this technique is The Diamond Sutra (868 ADVERT). The strategy (called woodcut when used in artwork) arrived in Europe in the early 14th century. Books (often called block-books ), as well as playing-cards and religious footage , started to be produced by this technique. Creating a whole ebook was a painstaking course of, requiring a hand-carved block for every page; and the wooden blocks tended to crack, if stored for lengthy. The monks or people who wrote them had been paid highly.
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Waste is materials information. Landfills are detailed data of everyday consumption and behavior; a lot of what we all know about the distant past we know from discarded objects unearthed by archaeologists and interpreted by historians. And but the methods and infrastructures that process our waste usually remain opaque. On this e book, Dietmar Offenhuber examines waste from the angle of information, contemplating rising practices and technologies for making waste systems legible and the way the ensuing datasets and visualizations shape infrastructure governance. He does so by looking at three waste monitoring and participatory sensing initiatives in Seattle, São Paulo, and Boston.